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Exciting Announcement

Introducing VPX1 Minerals Inc., a newly incorporated mineral exploration company with a significant lead, zinc, and silver deposit in Revelstoke, BC. Our historical measured resource is registered on MinFile, and we are committed to developing this project with transparency, integrity, and respect for the environment and community.

VPX1 Minerals Inc. is founded on a vision of shared value and ethical practices. Our goal is to responsibly explore and develop this resource, ensuring that benefits are distributed fairly and sustainably. We believe in a collaborative approach, inviting industry professionals, friends, investors, and anyone interested in responsible mining to join us on this journey.

While our current historical measured resource is just the beginning, we see tremendous potential and have a clear plan for further exploration to discover and confirm additional resources before development. We are dedicated to creating a positive impact, fostering innovation, and adhering to ethical principles throughout the entire process. By leveraging best practices and expertise, we aim to make VPX1 Minerals Inc. a model of responsible mining.

Your insights and support are invaluable to us. Whether you have expertise in mining, environmental sustainability, community engagement, or share our interest in ethical resource development, we would love to hear from you.

Let's connect, collaborate, and build something truly meaningful together.

🔗 Please reach out if you'd like to learn more or get involved.

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